Why QAWebPrints ?

QAWebPrints offers the following strengths and differentiators that extend our position as the Industry Leaders in software testing:

  • Proven experience of successfully executing the test on applications with complex functionality.
  • Proven experience of end-to-end Testing of multi platform web applications.
  • Managing Software Testing Projects with a professional Software Test Execution Management System (STEM)
  • ISTQB Certified Test Engineers.
  • Well experienced Penetration Testers for conducting Web Application Security Testing.
  • Highly Professional Selenium Web Driver Experts for Test Automation.
  • Top notch Test Engineers for conducting Performance Testing.
  • All the Testing Process are well documented as per the International Standards.
  • Well Organized Review Meetings.
  • Completes the projects on time and deliver test documents to the stakeholder(s).

Functional Testing 98%

98% Complete

Security Testing 95%

95% Complete

Penetration Testing95%

95% Complete

Load Testing 92%

92% Complete

Database Testing 85%

85% Complete

Regression Testing 95%

95% Complete


95% Complete

Appium 89%

89% Complete

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